Mountain bike

Mountain bike

It is a unique, unforgettable and accessible experience that awaits you this summer at Le Massif de Charlevoix. With our 20 km of mountain bike trails, you will finally have the opportunity to discover all the splendour of the mountain during the summertime. Join us for this first summer season that promises to be rich in fun and adventure!

Dates of Service

The mountain will be open from June 19, 2021, from Friday to Sunday until October 11, 2021. In addition, we will be open on the following days : 

  • June 19 to July 4 2021;
  • July 16 to August 1st 2021; 
  • September 6, 2021;
  • October 11, 2021; 

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Download the 2021 summer calendar

Activity Details

Mountain biking is making its debut at the Massif de Charlevoix with a circuit made up of 13 enduro-style tracks. Let the spectacular views and trails charm you.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert mountain biker, you will love our downhill trails that have no technical difficulties and combine both pleasure and speed.


    • Helmet is mandatory.
    • Please purchase your tickets online in advance (mandatory).
    • Limit of tickets available per day
    • Mountain bikes are mandatory (downhill bikes not recommended).
    • Chairlift available


On your first visit, keep your access card for all your subsequent visits, summer and winter. Whether it’s for a day ticket or a subscription, this card is directly recharged during your next purchases on our online store. Skip the wait for the ticket office in the morning, and head straight to the slopes upon arrival.

If you lose your access card, we will replace it for you only 2 times. We will charge a fee of $ 2.50 for subsequent rebates.

Daily rates -
Summer Season 2021


From 3 PM to 5 PM
Also sold on site.

18 years old and up 



13 to 17 years old



7 à 12 years old



4 members maximum)*



6 years old and less Free

      • View or mountain bike daily rates policy here

*Advantageous prices for families of 3 to 4 people. Couple status : 2 adults (26 and over) living under same roff. ID and proof of status are required

Individual Season pass -
Summer season 2021


18 years old and up

$ 265

13 to 17 years old

$ 199

7 to 12 years old

$ 166


4 members maximum*

$ 671

6 years old and less Free

 *Advantageous prices for families of 3 to 4 people. Couple status : 2 adults (26 and over) living under same roff. ID and proof of status are required.

Trail Map

Carte Bike 85X11 S2021 V2 Web Page 0001

Download Trail Map

New trail Gros Boeuf* 

The new Gros Boeuf trail is now available. Located at the entrance of the Basilic, this new double diamond trail now offers an alternative for experts. 

*Gros Boeuf is a trail for advancedriders and involves a great degree of difficulty. Unlike the other trails at Le Massif,it rolls at low speed and there are several mandatory obstacles to overcome. If you cannot roll the first obstacle, we recommend that you avoid the trail. 

IMPORTANT: Electric Fat Bike bicycles are not allowed at the mountain. They are not designed for our bike trails, and are especially too heavy for bike racks chairlifts with a certified weight of 55 lbs. Thank you for your understanding. 

Several types of children's bikes are also prohibited in the mountains:
  • Bikes without brakes
  • Bikes with only 1 brake
  • Any type of child seat
  • Any type of trailer
  • Any type of urban or hybrid bike for children
  • No tandem system
  • Scooter
  • Tricycle
  • Practice wheels
All bikes should be qualified as Mountain Bikes.
All bikes must have 2 brakes, front and rear.
The Bungee system should only be used for the Yellow Bus and Ferry climb. Never downhill.
The tires must have studs. No tires smooth.


Food Service

To quench your thirst and appetite, the Massif de Charlevoix invites you to taste the Charlevoix-inspired cuisine at the Forêt Gourmande du Massif kiosk which will be located at the base Chalet of the mountain for the summer. At the summit, you can also enjoy hot dogs and refreshments.

Rental and Equipment

Rocky Mountain mountain bike rental and equipment rentals are now available at Le Massif. For all the details here.

Sanitary measures

We have implemented sanitary and health measures to protect our customers as well as our 2021 summer season. We ask you to respect these measures on the Massif de Charlevoix territory at all times. To find out more, we invite you to read our 2021 Mountain Guide.

  • View or mountain bike policy here
  • View FAQ Mountain Bike here