Alpine touring and off-piste

Alpine touring and off-piste

**(2021-03-16) Due to the temperature changes, our off-piste sector and alpine touring are not recommended**

Alpine Touring 

We offer more than 15 km of alpine touring, which serve the ski area as well as the off-piste area.

 To access the alpine touring trails, it is mandatory to register and pay a daily access fee, $ 25 taxes not included. By acquiring your right of access, you will obtain a pass giving you the opportunity to make one (1) lift by chairlift or gondola during your day. Access rights are available at the summit lodge or base lodge customer services.

 To obtain your daily access, you must complete the following release: Alpine Touring Waver (paper version also available to customer services). Acquiring your access rights allows us to increase your security and ensure your search or rescue in an emergency.

Alpine Touring

Daily access 1 lift(chairlif or gondola) 25 $

New this season! Take a lesson with a certified mountain instructor to learn all the secrets of alpine touring at the Massif de Charlevoix. Are you a beginner? Great, we have everything to get you started safely on the alpine touring and we also offer all the equipment for rent on site.

Off-piste sector

The off-piste sector is located on Mount Liguori, north of the station. There are 3 summits, 800m, 550m and 425m, all accessible with backcountry skins or by bootpacking. To access this area, you must have your alpine touring access right or a lift ticket.

Sector 800 is accessible via the Camp-Boule sector, at the very beginning of La Fortin. You can see a poster with a map of the area. Sector 550 is accessible at the base of the Camp-Boule chairlift. For sector 425, it is accessible via the bottom of the 4, in sector 550.

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The Mont à Liguori Sector is located outside the boundaries of Le Massif Ski Area ; terrain is not maintained by Le Massif. A valid day lift ticket is required. Never ski/ride in this area unless you are prepared for wilderness survival. If you decide to ski/ride in this sector, be advised that it is not patrolled ; you are reponsible for your own actions, your own rescue and the cost of your rescue (minimum fee $ 250). Experts only, extremely steep, narrow terrain, unmarked natural obstacles exist throughout. 

  • Carry a cell phone or radio
  • Wear helmet and goggles 
  • Never ski alone but in groups of 3 persons minimum 
  • Look before exiting the woods
  • Avoid this area after 2 p.m.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult

The ascent trails are marked with blue and white rectangles as follows

or with blue ribbon:

 Rando -alpine

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Name KM of ascent Start Finish Elevation Estimated time Level
La Promenade / La Crête 5.75 Bottom of La Charlevoix Summit Maillard Sector 680 m 3h


Crête:Very hard

Le Forestier / L’Aventurière 4.85 Bottom of the sledding run Summit of 550 (off trails 4-5) 666 m 2h30

Forestier : Easy

Aventurière : Very hard



Name KM of ascent Start Finish Elevation Estimated time Level
Le Lugeron 3.75 Sledding reception Summit of Liguori (off trails 1-2-3) 145 1h30 Easy



Name KM of ascent Start Finish Elevation Estimated time Level
Liguori 550 0.82 Bottom of the Camp-Boule chairlift Sommet 550 (hors-piste 4-5) 100 m 20-30 min Easy
Liguori 800 2 Bottom of the Camp-Boule chairlift Summit of 800 (off trails 1-2-3) or back to the summit lodge 338 m 1h Very hard

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INSTRUCTION FOR SEASON PASS HOLDER (if you already have a lift ticket)

It is essential to register via the discharge  even in possession of a subscription or a regular day ticket. This allows us to increase safety and provide search or rescue in case of an emergency on the trails.

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-Circulate only on designated places on the map. Respect signs, wildlife and the environment. Respect at all times the Mountain Code of Conduct.

-Never go down by a path of ascent. Plan your descent. Get off by one of our open trails or designated off-piste areas.

-Exit trails and alpine touring trails at the respective closing times of the station.

-Make sure you are physically fit and have appropriate clothing, food and equipment. Knowledge of first aid and related equipment is an asset.

-The conditions, the temperature and the difficulty of the ground can vary. Ask our staff or get a guide if needed.

-Do not venture alone on a hike. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a charged cell phone. A cellular GPS application is an asset in case of emergency

Securite _rando Alpine

* The Massif s.e.c. reserves the right to charge a fee (minimum $ 250) for any request for assistance, assistance, evacuation outside of its operating hours, marked and open trails, off-piste areas or of his trails.

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