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About Us

Le Massif de Charlevoix

The Massif de Charlevoix

The Massif de Charlevoix has the highest vertical drop east of the Rockies and offers spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and the mountain, with snow as far as the eye can see. An authentic mountain resort with a deep respect for nature. A place to get away, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Massif is a place of simple pleasures and a top-rated service that will now be available all year long.


The Massif de Charlevoix was opened in 2002 by a promising developer from Quebec, Daniel Gauthier, well known as the cofounder of one of the Quebec’s greatest cultural phenomena, known throughout the world: the Cirque du Soleil.

It is the result of the symbiosis of creativity, authenticity and cultural, social and touristic sensibility. The Massif de Charlevoix is an incredible mix of spectacular views, exceptional activities, excellent gastronomy and a top-rated service.

This great project aims to let people live an experience that is profoundly personal, visceral, unique and ecological, oriented towards the development of sustainable tourism, in one of the preferred regions of Quebec that was classified, in 1989, by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.

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